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Monday, 15 June 2015 05:03

Last Updated on Tuesday, 16 June 2015 04:22
Thursday, 20 February 2014 15:55

Another school year is over: 55 apprentices of the Vocational Center and young High School students of Science and Arts have received their diplomas. And now they are eager to serve their country with the knowhow acquired during their studies.

The graduation ceremony was hold by project leader Edi Fellmann, principal Martha Castro and vocational area director Miguel Martinez.
Edi Fellmann reminded the graduates that they have received a highly professional and sound education at Nuevo Amanecer and that, in addition to the subject matters, they have also been taught important soft skills, such as discipline and responsibility. Edi continued by saying that they should be proud of having successfully completed this education, and that now, in order to successfully apply what they have learnt, they must continue working on their own personhood.

Principal Martha Castro, for her part, invited the newly graduates to be humble and to anytime hold high the values of working moral and professional ethics. In particular, she encouraged the graduates to keep improving themselves in order to overcome mediocrity, which impedes any development.

In a separate act, the 34 preschool-children from Nuevo Amanecer Bilingual School were graduated. This graduation ceremony was attended by the members of the direction of Nuevo Amanecer as well as the parents of the children and special guests.

The principal of the Bilingual School, Ms. Jamileth Espinal, said that she was feeling proud, happy and satisfied for the children to have accomplished this step. She invited the families to go on encouraging and assisting the studies of their daughters and sons as well as supporting the school itself in its future activities.



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